I feel small…

The last few days have been an interesting time for me.

On Friday I popped into the Montgomery Hall to see Pallas and generally just see people (and drop off the Wasp box). The Montgom doesn’t feel nice for me any more since the events of earlier this year with Fireguard being c**ts. The nice thing is for every customer they took off us (that’ll be 1 then), we took… hmm… about 14 of theirs. The reason? – well I’ll leave it to you to decide, but I have a good relationship with my customers and look after them very well and always deal personally with their problems.

Pallas were great – I wish I could have stayed around for the gig. They played “The Cross & The Crucible” for me and it was muchly goodly.

Over the weekend I did very little – we had friends over and played games on Saturday. Settlers of Qutan (sp?) is a superb board game… must get a copy. It reminds me of Sid Meier’s Civilisation on the PC/DS.

I did venture up the observatory on Sunday and did quite a fair observing session… I did actually manage to see 3 of Stephans Quintet (a group of galaxies in Pegasus).

Yesterday – my Toshiba NB100 came back from the mending shop… aaaaahhhhhh tis good. I love my eeePC, don’t get me wrong, but the keyboard is horrible and the screen is cramped – but it’s so indestructable and thus perfectly suited to my job.

Finally… today, I am giving blood. My O- is very much in demand it seems and it’s the least I can do…

The Photo?… well let’s just say I like this place very much.

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