Ok, so the first news – I’m bloody tired!. I need a break now, and in just over a week and a bit I’ll be getting one.

The last week or so has been rather hectic – Manning have finished now for the Christmas break and our next rehearsal is in January. Tim is fitting in really well with the band and it feels great to have such a talented keyboard player in the band. I’m certain it can only be for the best.

Sunday was a Neville archery practice. To say I hadn’t shot for about 3 months I actually managed to sink my 3 of first 6 shots straight into the target at 30 paces… it does surprise me the amount of power behind even a fairly low powered longbow. The bow in question (45lbs) managed to sink a bodkin all the way through the target such that the arrow head came out of the other side. At least that explains Agincourt.

In other news, I’ve been told a couple of times this week that I wear leather well.

Yeah… I know. I do wear a lot of leather, but, well, I like it.

Onto my next whinge for today…


Come to us… talk to gamers.

Hannah went in today looking for Command and Conquer stuff and was rather surprisingly talked down to by a smug “gamer” who made out that C&C is “old”… nay… “retro”.

Sorry, young pipsqueak, but I’ve owned every single Nintendo Console from virtually date of release, and have been gaming since about 1979 so er… I think I know my “Retro” games. If you want retro take a look at this.

Finally… an accident happened on Rotherham Road in Parkgate this evening. Head on – rather nasty… but I do have to question in such heavy traffic… HOW?

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