Blog public again

The little thing which caused my blog to go private has been resolved… enough said, but you won’t ever see me at my former band’s gigs or involved with that band ever again… and I feel better now.

Today, someone pulled out on me in the van and broke it. I’m gutted because I love my van even if it is old and rusty it’s mine! I hope the insurance company will repair it and don’t write it off because that would be sad.

I suppose you know by now, but at RoSfest we’ll be sharing the stage with Renaissance. Yay! I like that idea!

That’s all I have to say for today really… until my next post…

Here’s a nice picture of me… I just took it and really liked it. As you notice, my flickr is still on lockdown so I’m using my blog and facebook to share my photos as I can control who sees them more.

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