Big Balls!

Why is there something really amusing about watching the American public utterly humiliate themselves on national television? I’m talking Total Wipeout of course (known as just Wipeout in the USA) Watching people bouncing across giant foam obstacle courses reminds me of school sports days… except Wipeout has less tears and injuries… or perhaps a politeContinue reading “Big Balls!”

Science IS fun!

I’ve just finished watching Jim Al-Khalili presenting the programme Chemistry: A Volatile History on BBC4. It was absolutely engrossing especially when covering what could become a very boring subject (think Open University 1970’s). A great presenter… and why does his surname make me think Alkali?… hmmm… I am so relieved that we in the UKContinue reading “Science IS fun!”

New photo

Today I decided I needed a new photo. The nice thing about being a photographer, though, is that when you need a new photo to represent yourself it’s fairly easy to sort and costs nothing. The new one represents me as I now am due to my rather dramatic change of hair (or loss of…).Continue reading “New photo”

Facebook – the latest target for scammers.

Facebook is being swamped just lately by scammers. In traditional 5 things style – here’s 5 things that you can’t get on Facebook by joining groups of becoming a fan of or adding an application. 1. Gold Accounts. They don’t exist. Simple. 2. A dislike button. Same again. No such thing (yet) although when FacebookContinue reading “Facebook – the latest target for scammers.”

Five things I discovered this week:

1. Tesco’s Mobile Phone Shop in Wath is crap. 2. Volvo drivers are blind. They must be, cos they never see anyone else on the road. 3. Apparently, you have to tune your bass weekly… damn. 4. Something I posted a month ago came true recently… read between the lines… you know what I mean.Continue reading “Five things I discovered this week:”

Prog is stagnating…

In the early nineties a group of progressive rock fans formed a little known organisation called The Classic Rock Society, and lo, it was good. People around the world joined because after all – no-one else would touch Prog with a shitty stick. Bands couldn’t get gigs because most venues wanted to put on theContinue reading “Prog is stagnating…”

Tribute bands sadden me

Tribute bands have their place. There’s no doubting that it’s nice to see a song you know and love being performed note perfect, such as the excellent Italian band The Watch (pictured), but it saddens me that this very talented band – who perform Genesis covers as well as their own material – pulled suchContinue reading “Tribute bands sadden me”