RoSfest preparations

We’re now less than 90 days away from RoSfest and it’s getting rather frightening.We’re actually talking Visas, and flight times – now why are only the London airports the ones offering the cheap flights? Do you think it’s grossly unfair that anyone living away from London automatically gets penalised in taxi / fuel costs when travelling to the USA or some other far flung destination?

Also, last time I was at Heathrow, I do remember it was a bit of a ming pit!

I’ve started to unlock some of my flickr photos, but not that many… probably about 1% of my photos at any one time (I actually have over 13,000 photos now).

Last night on my way home from rehearsal I came down a little country lane near home and saw the most amazing sight – the milky way, Orion, and a gibbous moon all looking splendid so I stopped and took some photos… my picture of The Great Orion Nebula (adjacent) is one such example.

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