How to avoid dying in an Earthquake?

I don’t like religions.
Because they hate each other.
I found the above on Youtube today. Obviously this poor misguided soul thinks the entire world will convert to Islam and avoid earthquakes etc. Later on in the same video his comments are even more misguided, calling Jesus Christ the “created”. Obviously according to ths guy, on 7th December 1998, 26th December 2004 and 8th October 2005, Muslims weren’t following the Quran hard enough or must have forgotten to face Mecca at the predetermined time of day.
Sorry, lad, but Earthquakes and other natural disasters aren’t discriminate. They don’t pick you based on faith, colour, gender, sexual orientation or any other criteria. They strafe lands, destroy lives, homes, businesses, crops and infrastructure. They’ll take a fragile human body and snap it in two, scattering parts throughout the land if they so wish. Tell me, would any sentient and divine being do such a thing?… er… no.
I’m Pagan. We respect all, do as we will, but harm none. It’s a pretty good philosophy in my eyes. The Quran is, like the Holy Bible, open to misinterpretation (look back to the Holy Inquisition and the Crusades to see that), but in this modern world it seems more and more people are turning their backs on religion, and the campaign to get the Pope banned from entering the UK only goes to show people have had enough of hatrid and intolerance in the name of a God.
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