Most Haunted… so bad it’s good.

I love Most Haunted…

It has it’s faults from the incredibly annoying David Bull from a few series ago, a man who single handedly made the links between the good screamy bits so boring it forced me to go to bed early. When I found out he was a Tory MP candidate I wasn’t in the least bit surprised.

When he disappeared without trace and Jonathan Woss’s slightly less famous but far less annoying and over paid brother Paul took over it was a good day for Most Haunted. Oh and Paul can pronounce “Most Haunted Live” without the comedy connotations…

Derek “Rik Eedles” Acorah, is of course, the worst. He gets on my nerves with his terrible possessions and the “sweary bloke” who repeatedly verbally abuses and threatens “get thy hands off me wench” and similar “ye olde tea shoppe” bollocks to Yvette.
Ciaran O’Keeffe had his day though when Derek uttered two words that changed his career forever – Kreed Kafer – an anagram of Derek Faker. Yvette made her feelings known when she called Derek a fake b**tard.

The final thing that did it for me, however, was the episode at The Clockhouse. Derek wearing leather trousers and that awful shirt made me sick in my mouth.
Now on to half man, half Ferengi – Julian Clegg… can I say anything more about him? He does come across as a really nice guy though for all his strange ears.
Look for yourself.
Finally… Yvette Fucking Fielding. I’m sure when she was on Blue Peter she didn’t swear quite as much as she does on Most Haunted.

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