Park where you please?

Why do some people think it is acceptable to totally block a footpath with their cars/vans?

Today I was witness to some arrogant contractors who obviously didn’t have any problems with committing such an offence. They blocked the footpath at a major junction, parking one vehicle virtually overlapping the tactiles at the lights.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but as someone who carries out building works around the area I generally ensure I am considerate to neighbours and surrounding businesses when working…

I’ve had a bad week on the roads this week – a Jacksons Builders Merchants lorry pulled out on me earlier this week, and I’ve been unable to tax my van due to insurance companies faffing around… oh well.

Meanwhile on planet earth…

The USA trip is now taking shape – flights are planned, trips to the US Embassy planned… and I’ve made plans to travel down there (first class!) to deal with the visa.

Also… I’m sure the bloke who works at our local post office fancies me… ? yeah I’m confused too… which gets me onto…

Leather Trousers – Advantages and Disadvantages
The bad things:
1. You instantly get branded as a Biker, Rockstar or Gay Man when you wear them.
2. or someone mentions that sodding episode of Friends where Ross gets all sweaty in his and ends up smearing talc and cream all over his legs (obviously written by someone who has never worn them)
3. The price – a good pair is in excess of £80, and cheaper pairs tend to be poor quality…
The good things:
1. Chicks dig blokes in leather trousers (the thigh stroking is good)
2. Comfort – warm in winter, cool in spring and autumn, although not good in the heat of summer.
3. Long Lasting
Right I’m off now… I can see a nice piece of footpath that’s dying to get my van parked on it… it’s called the Peace Gardens 😉

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