Just a big ol’ bummer…

I recently encountered homophobia on a major scale…

On a recent job, a young apprentice kept making rather offensive comments about gay people. I decided he needed to be taught a lesson, and being about twice the size of him I led him on to a rumour that I was gay.

He suddenly clammed up, then started making comments that “he had gay friends”… etc. and then kept out of my way. Not a bad thing really because he was annoying me.

He obviously told his boss at some point because later that afternoon when I mentioned that I was married and mentioned Hannah. His boss said “you’re married? oh we thought you batted for the other team – that’s alright then” and then proceeded to make… wait for it… offensive comments about gay people.

I then found out his boss was his father…

Like father like son I guess.

On a slightly lighter note, it’s a year since Uber Chav Jade Goody shuffled off her mortal coil. It’s amazing how many jokes exist about her…

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