Thursday… bloody Thursday

OK, so McDonalds does have it’s benefits – cheap, acceptable coffee and Free WiFi. Without McDonalds I wouldn’t be here typing this now. Sadly their vegetarian options are still rather poor although some branches of Burger King now do a Veggie Burger (which is Vegetarian Society Approved).

Anyway, I an issue today – first of all this afternoon – the Court hearing (read: me versus the Police). I’m fighting the law… I hope the law doesn’t win, but if they do, I’d love to know why and will appeal – I have a hell of a lot of evidence including phone logs for all company phones (from Orange), Bills, a letter from my Doctor, and a witness. They have…. er… 2 coppers who said they saw me using a mobile phone whilst driving – from 10 metres away – on a bright sunny October day with deep shadows and a low sun.
It’s not the Court case that’s bothering me, it’s the waste of public money for something so trivial which is why I am fighting it all the way rather than allowing the CPS to drop it, after all, it’s now cost me money to fight this and if the CPS dropped it I would get nothing, and neither would the police. I want a Not Guilty verdict.
Sadly, these two police (who I will name when this case is finished) have treated me like scum, and I bet they slept well last night… I promise they will have sleepless nights soon when the tables turn and the IPCC get involved, and as for their commander who said “I couldn’t complain without comparison evidence”… well he’ll get the equivalent of the building I saw on Monday up his ringpiece.
Anyway, onto a lighter note… I’ve just observed the unachievable… A guy has just paid for his coffee in McDonalds and pulled the LARGEST WALLET KNOWN TO MAN out of his TROUSER POCKET!… I need trousers with pockets like that… Seriously it must have been A5 sized! It was some sort of web tablet thing inside the case too.
I remember when I had my Ameo people used to comment how big it was… but this beast made my ameo look tiny.
That brings me onto the subject of pockets – I hate formal clothing with functional pockets. Am I the only one? – if you’re wearing a smart suit, why spoil the lines with unsightly lumps and bumps as you stuff your phone, wallet, mp3 player etc into the pockets…? For god’s sake carry a man bag! It’s the 21st century so it’s perfectly acceptable.
Manscara, on the other hand, is just wrong. All the time. A band I was never in have a singer who wears manscara onstage. He looks like he used Homer Simpson’s make-up gun to apply it… yes, really.
Anyway, that’s it for this morning’s comment. There will probably be updates later via twitter, facebook, and possibly on here.

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