Embarrassing Song Lyrics

I’m lucky being with Manning that I don’t have to endure any cringe making embarrassing song lyrics…

At 5:
anything with “Play with Fire / You’re gonna get burnt”… eeeeeew for god’s sake just stop it.
At 4:
Wizards and Pixies – anything mentioning anything to do with fantasy – especially in Progressive rock music. Marillion and King Crimson went there in the 70’s and 80’s and it just isn’t funny any more.
At 3:
“Life is a Rollercoaster just gotta ride it”. Ronan, just fuck off.
At 2:
“I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride… and I’m wanted Dead or Alive”. As if the first line wasn’t bad enough, the second in this Bon Jovi “trashic” just makes me sick in my own mouth.
At 1 – the WORST LYRICS of all time…
“I listen to the melody, the words and the chorus, no 20 minute solo’s, cos I’m not a brontosaurus” (Tara’s Secret – bless ’em) – because it DOESN’T HAVE TO RHYME!
Anyway, after that sick inducing pile of cheese – here’s something rather cool.
Poundland are doing laptop fan cooler bases for get this… £1 – I bought one for my rather snazzy little 8.9″ Toshiba NB100 (which I might add has a strange ability to reach the temperature of a small nuclear furnace if the vents are blocked by anything at all). It’s keeping it at a rather cool 44 degrees rather than 70/80 as previously experienced.

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