… old friends … and the BST argument

I was rather surprised a few weeks ago to find that some old music friends, Keith and Dave Angel were playing a gig at the Doncaster Civic Theatre with their current band The Angel Brothers.

What was more surprising however, was to find out that the entirety of Joe Lazarus, my old 1990’s band of approx 2 and a half years were going to be there too.

Anyway, off I went to the Civic, and sure enough I was greeted by Dan Evans and Chris Perkins. Neither Wayne nor Paul showed…

However – what you see here is the three of us – 11 years after the original band split up, and actually – not looking too different, if a little older…

Today, I lost an hour. I searched everywhere, under the fridge – down the gaps in the sofa – even behind the toilet where I normally daren’t go, but no… it’s gone. Forever.

This, of course, brings up that old plum of “Oh we should go onto BST for good, or bring our time in line with the rest of Europe”.

No, actually. The decision makers are in London. In London they get about 7 hours 45 minutes of light on Midwinter’s day, with sunrise happening at around 5 past 8. Should we stay on BST that would be 09:05… doable I suppose?

Well in Sheffield we get around 7 hours 15 minutes of daylight on midwinter’s day, with sunrise happening at around 8:40… thus meaning if we stayed on BST we would have a 9:40 Sunrise… clearly not as good.

Now in Glasgow, they get around 6 hours 50 minutes of daylight on the same date, 21st December… sunrise isn’t till 5 to 9, which would mean their sunrise on BST would be 9:55… it wouldn’t get light ’till half past 10!

So in summary, Londoners and MP’s – stick your winter BST up your arse… no-one north of Watford actually wants it.

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