The human race is shit.

I have very little faith in many human beings after a visit to Sheffield today.

Firstly my parking at Meadowhall – an inconsiderate driver decided that it was acceptable to park overlapping an adjacent space. There is no excuse for this. If you can’t fit your vehicle within the lines you shouldn’t be driving it. Period.

I used to drive a 3.5 tonne luton box van. I could get it into any parking space without problems. Why the owner of this tiny Honda Jazz needs to overlap the adjacent space is beyond me, but you could say thanks to my small van they are well and truly OWND.

A guy driving past who saw me park even wound down his window and congratulated me on this little act.

Secondly, the peace gardens… why did the arrogant students insist on getting up off their blanket, folding it away, and walk off leaving a pile of rubbish behind?. Thankfully the city ambassadors (bless ’em) saw it happen, and confronted the students… I didn’t see the end of the conversation but I am aware that £75 fines are readily dispensed for littering in Sheffield.

Finally, the chavs on the tram. I’m sorry to say that modern teenagers are due a major slap down for their attitude – and I sound like an old man saying that, but I do believe it’s true. First of all one of the lads was swinging on the handrail like it was a monkey bar and the call came over the tannoy for him to stop it… he did.

Then the conductor came along to and asked them for tickets. They all asked for under 16’s tickets and he asked them for ID. They all declined and he said “well it’s full price then”. The barrage of abuse he got was not acceptable and he pressed the alarm button summoning the driver to stop at the next stop and calling the second guard.

They were ejected from the tram at Woodbourn Road… and they thought it was funny and clever to do this. Sadly, I know they will just get on the next tram and do exactly the same on there.

I might add that one of the over-made-up girls who obviously thought she was beautiful had a face resembling a dropped Fray Bentos pie painted with Dulux non-drip gloss paint. Shocking.

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