Bank Holidays… days unlike any other

I have noticed a few things you only see on bank holidays, particularly on our Motorway network:

1. Middle lane owners – yeah, I know – you get these all the time… but they’re WORSE on bank holidays.
2. Breakdowns – on our way to Kenilworth and back we counted in excess of 15 broken down vehicles each way. I guess this is the old “holiday” syndrome – a car usually used for the school run and Tescos is expected to go 300-400 miles, usually with no servicing at all.
3. Speeders – not your normal run of the mill 90mph speeders, no these are a special breed. The people who don’t understand how SPECS cameras work and drive at 70mph through the 50mph limit in the roadworks between M1 junctions 28 and 25… braking hard and slowing down to pass through each camera… I assume, so the cameras can get a clearer picture of you at lower speed so the ticket you’ve just received has more chance of success if passed on to courts. Do these people not understand what an average is?
Anyway. Blah blah blah hate Bank Holiday drivers. Yeah, I hate all humans. You know me well.

Published by Kris

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