22 days to RoSfest… ooooohhh getting close now!

In three weeks from now I will be on my way to Leeds on the very first leg of my journey to RoSfest. It will, of course, be blogged and documented here (WIFI availability permitting) and the run-up will also be blogged.

Last night I laid down some bass for Charlestown (the epic 36 minuter from the new album). Amazingly, in 4 hours I managed just 5 minutes of bass – there really is that much to it, but I did manage to get through the entire introduction and the first section of the song and into the second section (where Taurus takes over from me for a while).
Tomorrow I will be buying an extra catch for my flightcase and fitting it – the flightcase is good, but I think three catches (one near the handle) will be better as the problem with flightcases without the centre catch is that if you yank the handle very hard you can pull the top of the case apart. I’ve had experience of this happening once before… I’m not sure where to get the catch from – perhaps B&Q?
Between us we’re just trying to sort out luggage allowances – my bass case is oversized for one carrier and chargeable, but not for the other – so we’re not sure if I’ll have to pay for both ways nor not. The bit of touring you don’t always see…

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