Who keeps breaking the kitchen?

We were wondering why parts of the plinth in the kitchen kept coming away.

We now found the answer… it’s a cat thing.

In the news this week…
First it appears I have something called “Post Nasal Dripping”. It sounds gross, that’s because it is. Apparently flu, colds, hayfever etc. can set it off and it’s only controllable and curable with long term decongestant treatments. Basically – I’m off the coffees for a few weeks 😦
The weekend was good too – I was in retro heaven! – Hannah booked a surprise day out for me at a retro gaming fair for a very early Birthday present – a fair where I could spend hours playing classic 80’s 8 bit games. I did… I finished Manic Miner (including my least favourite level The Solar Power Generator) – and found a fair crowd had assembled behind me whilst I did it!

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Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

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