I’ve had a strange weekend. Checking the state of the skies occasionally, and worrying slightly about the forthcoming and impending trip to the USA to play RoSfest – more as a worry to poor George Roldan and the team over at RoSfest who must be cacking kidneys right now – the flight ban would affect around 50% of bands playing the festival, as well as a number of punters who I know are travelling from Europe to be there.

I’m sure it will clear or flights will be allowed with conditions (possibly lower flying and slower speeds) as the possibility of 10 or more days of no flights is frightening.
We have our flight booked – and as far as I know nothing can affect that. They can’t just “oversell” planes like they can trains because after all, you have to have a seat on a plane – it’s just… well.. the law. Could you imagine Virgin Atlantic planes with people standing in the aisles? I shudder to think how bad that could be.
I’ve checked out my seat details – and hmmm… is all I can say. I do need an aisle seat – I’m rather tall and a window seat just forces me into a state of numbness and DVT, but according to seatguru there is limited under seat space for my seat out there… looks like I have a raw deal.
I re-installed Ubuntu on my NB100 alongside my existing Windows install. It’s a little bit broken, but not unbearably so – the inbuilt mic doesn’t work, and the lovely window effects have to be turned off as the graphics card is recognised as a Generic card so cross fades etc. don’t work. I’m sure when 10.4 is released we’ll see some improvement, but for now they’re late.
Finally – I played Petrol Station Roulette this morning and came the closest ever to running out. As I pulled onto the forecourt the van shuddered and started firing on 2 cylinders indicating that the fuel was indeed spent. A new record though – 320.5 miles out of the £36.00 tank! Not because I drive slower, just because the petrol station is just after a downhill and the fuel outlet is at the front of the tank so I could squeeze that extra half mile out of it.
It scares me, though, that when I first got the van I struggled to get £30 of fuel in it, and that was wringing it up the top of the filler neck… now it easily passes £35 and can make £36 if REALLY empty.
On another note – the steering rack has sorted itself out… it was grinding and clunking, so at the advice of a friend I drove a few journeys with the gaiters at the end unclipped and let any debris fall out… sure enough… out it came. It only really started after the bad snow… but what could it have been?

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