Clear skies ahead… oh and Group 4…

So the latest ash cloud worries turn out to have been what essentially amounts to a massive over-reaction. Well… I hate to say I told you so…

It turns out the weather computer predictions showing massive swathes of ash all over Europe might have had the concentrations set a bit strong… you’re telling me!

Well, all is settling down, the skies are open, and planes are moving across them leaving those contrails that as an astronomer I usually hate, but as a would be transatlantic traveller I’m quite liking them. It’s strange how your perception changes…

On 1st May the big event happens… months of planning… rehearsing… and building up to it. Nearly dashed at the last hurdle by a bloody Icelandic volcano, but luckily, saved by a change in wind and a change of policy.

I’m recording tomorrow night – I think I’m going to do the bass lines for TIC. I’ve had a listen to it with real drums and I think I have a general idea of what’s got to happen for a lot of it, and the rest, well… I’ll just make it up as I go along.

… oh and my latest “big install job” has been passed by Building Control and the Fire Officer. Woot!… take that Fireguard, yer big bunch of jessies!

Finally… Group 4 have FINALLY responded:

Here is a couple of excerpts from the emyther

With regards to the matter of the crew using the zig-zag area by the pedestrian crossing all crew members who service the area have been informed that these actions were totally inappropriate and disruptive to the general public and that any future incidents such as this will not be tolerated. A record of your complaint has now been placed on file. All crews in the area have also been reminded that at no time are they to park on zig-zag markings and that any future occurrences will be taken extremely seriously.

It is unfortunately the case that due to the inherent nature of our business there are many high risk locations such as banks and building societies and in these instances G4S work closely with town planning and local councils wherever possible to ensure that secure parking can be found. Sadly in many cases we are forced to deal with an infrastructure already in place that takes no account of the high risk of violent attack for cash couriers, and it is at times like these that we are faced with a difficult situation. In this particular situation there are currently parking difficulties for our vehicles when servicing the local Yorkshire Bank branch and as such, we have been in communication with the bank with a view to finding a solution that is both more secure to our drivers and to the general public as we aim to not only protect our own employees but also to reduce the risk to members of the public in the vicinity from being caught up in any attacks.

This is however no excuse for causing disruption and difficulties to the general public in the meantime and until a better parking solution is found, going forward all G4S vehicles will always look to use what parking there is available. Please accept my apologies on behalf of G4S for any distress or disruption caused by this incident.

…. I suppose you could say it’s somewhat of a result …. at least they’ve been arsed to actually follow it up.

In case you’re wondering what the hell I’m on about… the full story is here

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