The post you’ve been waiting for!

It’s not often I use exclamation marks. I hate them – after all, if you can’t structure an exciting enough sentence without the use of this assault on the English language then you shouldn’t be using any punctuation at all. Today’s post does warrant just a single mark, so a single mark you’re getting.

Yes. For the first time in my life I am in the USofA typing whilst I sit at a rather nice desk in the hotel room
Skype has failed me as Hannah can’t seem to contact me – she briefly appeared, and then disappeared – so I assume it’s just a load of cack, however, here is the first couple of days’ adventures in the USA told in a style as approved and created by ME.
Day 1…
4:00am rise – and I certainly wasn’t built to get up at that time. I awoke, bleary eyed in Guy’s lounge after having spent the night on a futon listening to the gas fire pilot light hissing and Dave Albone snoring (not too loudly – I will save him that embarrassment). I did watch Avatar the night before, which I will say is rather good – even if the plot is so formulaeic it’s scary.
5:00am – after toast, we were collected by the taxi. The Roller Coaster taxi. The ride was uppy-downy-lefty-righty. Yes, you probably know what I mean. Vomit was not forthcoming thankfully.
RoSfest - ThursdayFrom then on the day was rather blurred all into one, but two flights – first to Heathrow and then on from there to Washington Dulles. Both went very well with very little turbulence and not much in the way of delays – and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with Virgin Atlantic. The meal was edible – nay delicious – and the cabin service was great.
US Immigration went without a hitch although the queue was rather epic – on an Alton Towers scale of epic.

Collection from the airport and delivery to the hotel was great – the van sent for us was huge, comfy, air conditioned, and just looked so rock and roll with the load lugger attached to the back.
Once at the hotel, check in was reasonably swift – and the bar was reasonably well stocked… although I must say the vegetarian choice of food is rather poor but I did manage to get a pizza.
The almighty quest for internet did prove fruitful in the end with the $25 deposit duly paid to loan a CAT5 cable – the WIFI in our block, the Eisenhower 2, wasn’t working.
Anyway, here I sit now, typing this. We’ve been into Gettysburg, seen the first part of RoSfest (Magic Pie), drooled at the size and facilities offered by the theatre and I can summarise the rest of this blog post in a few bullet points…
The Good
  • America is beautiful. It’s all so big – and sort of how I imagined it would be, just greener and bigger
  • The people are so polite and inquisitive – I’ve been asked where I’m from and what we’re doing here on so many occasions.
  • The food is rather good too – although there is a caveat on this one.
The Bad
  • The chocolate is disgusting, sugary and flavourless… it’s like licking railway sleepers.
  • Public transport? – what public transport? – not even a Taxi company in Gettysburg!
I know one thing… I will be returning to South Pennsylvania sometime in the future to see some more of this amazing area.

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