You never visit what’s near you.

It’s always the truth that you never visit or appreciate what’s nearby. Take Bolsover Castle for example – just off Junction 29A of the M1 and less than half an hour’s drive away – and I’ve never been. Well I have now – as we met up with Hannah’s parents and enjoyed a day atContinue reading “You never visit what’s near you.”

RoSfest… a month on.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost a month since we played RoSfest. The time since has flown, and the number of new fans we’ve picked up is rather good. In all it was a superb experience, with it’s high and low points throughout the long and arduous journey to the festival. It was about 16thContinue reading “RoSfest… a month on.”

The Twelfth Night of Eurovision

How the hell do you combine two titles?   Anyway… first onto Twelfth Night at the Montgomery Hall (a CRS gig). Yeah, it was OK – what I saw – but the sound was dreadful. The mix was all middley, and vocals were poorly defined. I didn’t linger for too long as my poor earsContinue reading “The Twelfth Night of Eurovision”

Broccoli Float Soup

I made this today. It’s a summery soup, with the thickness and texture of a winter soup… so the best of both worlds in one then! 2 medium sized carrots2 medium sized potatoesA nice sized head of broccoli1 white onion1 bunch spring onions (about 10)4 cloves garlicGround GingerCaraway SeedsGround chilli seedsWhite PepperSaltA veggie OXO cubeContinue reading “Broccoli Float Soup”

The studio moles…

Yesterday Guy and I spent an inconceivable percentage (see Kris Hudson-Lee’s Long Words Dictionary) of yesterday cooped up in the studio recording the basslines for Charlestown (the title track) and Clocks, thus wrapping up my part of the Charlestown epic. Yes it was hard work – after all Charlestown is 35 minutes long and ClocksContinue reading “The studio moles…”

The state of the music industry

The music “industry” is fucked. Plain & Simple. Music, however… isn’t. In this time of MP3 self important twats like Simon Cowell must be shitting kidneys at the thought that his already massive pot of shekels could soon be shrinking somewhat. Once upon a time people like him used to make or break a band.Continue reading “The state of the music industry”

Party Politics…

So the Labour party didn’t win the election – and I can hardly say I’m surprised. Dithering Gordon Brown has pushed them off course and they’re heading rapidly back into left wing unelectable territory in my opinion, however, they are the lesser of two evils. Cameron’s tories are just despicable beyond all belief… Etonian toffsContinue reading “Party Politics…”