The Gig… oh yes, the gig.

I’m sitting at the laptop in the hotel room, it’s about 10 to nine and I’m feeling like, well, the beer monkeys have shit in my mouth and stolen all my money… but I feel so good.

The gig yesterday was absolutely amazing – I will go as far as to say, well, the best gig I’ve ever played in my life. Bar none. I just wish my family could have been here… and I’m really missing them now. I’ve been able to Skype with Hannah but the volume level is awful and the picture keeps breaking up or dropping connection – but it’s nice to have this facility. Just 3 or 4 years ago none of this VOIP calling would have happened this way.
I’m not far away from breakfast, although Steve and Chris are both still in bed so I apologise if the clicking of the keyboard wakes them.
The gig we played was:
  • A Strange Place (from The Cure)
  • The Dream (from A Matter of Life and Death)
  • Antares (from Bilston)
  • Ships (from Number Ten)
  • Silent Man (from AMOLAD)
  • TIC (from Charlestown – unreleased as yet)
  • Holy Ireland (from Tall Stories)
  • The View from my Window (from the eponymous album)
  • The House on the Hill (from Ten)
Encores were
  • The Fall & Rise of Abel Mann – In My Life (from Tall Stories)
  • Lost in Play (from Bilston)
Should I list high points and low points? – well… yes I will…
Low points (let’s get the not happy bits out of the way first)
  • I was hot, sweaty, and made a couple of mistakes I’m not proud of – including a belter in Lost in Play.
  • The tiredness fell upon me immediately after the gig and I had to go back to the hotel for a sleep, thus missing the rest of the day.
The High Points
  • House on the Hill rocked!!!
  • The set rocked!!!!!
  • We Rocked!!!!!!!
  • … and Tim falling off his piano stool half way through Ships… yes, Tim truly rocked!
  • being invited back to room parties last night and filled with beer at no cost to us was great and I’d love to thank the guys over in 254 for entertaining us (or did we entertain them?)
  • The Acoustic Session last night which was so much fun, even if we couldn’t hear each other and Julie had to sing the words because Guy’s voice gave in after the main set… Julie did stunningly even though she hasn’t sung lead in over 20 years.
  • Getting to play Comfortably Numb as part of the jam session
Right, that’s enough from me – I’m going for breakfast and a dip in the pool and then will head into Gettysburg. I’m getting a few little presents for my family today, and will probably catch some of the bands – although my hearing feels a little sketchy so loud noises will not be the order of the day.
Kris in Gettysburg

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