Coming home

Well after the festival, as you can imagine, we were pretty much a centre of attention. Invites to room parties followed, many autographs were signed, and we felt rather good about it.

Yes, I would love to do it again – and I’m sure we will sometime soon…
The journey home went fairly hitch-less, apart from having to kill time in the airport at Dulles due to us being dropped there at 11am (our flight wasn’t until 6:30pm). Thankfully – Dulles isn’t actually too bad as airports go and I managed to find laptop power and play a little Open Transport Tycoon.
A slight scary moment occurred as we found, whilst sat at the bar in the airport, that airspace over Ireland was closed… but apart from a slight diversion south of the Republic it didn’t affect us too much.
Anyhow, I walked into the house at about 1pm on Tuesday… jet lagged, tired, and rather groggy feeling… and I slept.
Looking back on it all it was worth it – 18 hours of flying for an hour and a half of gig… yes. It was.
Anyway it’s back to normality now and time to focus on completing basslines for Charlestown.

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