The studio moles…

Yesterday Guy and I spent an inconceivable percentage (see Kris Hudson-Lee’s Long Words Dictionary) of yesterday cooped up in the studio recording the basslines for Charlestown (the title track) and Clocks, thus wrapping up my part of the Charlestown epic. Yes it was hard work – after all Charlestown is 35 minutes long and Clocks is played on the upright, but boy do they sound nice and the hard work has paid off.

After tea (lovingly prepared by Julie) I decided to pop down to the Wesley Centre and catch the tail end of the Jump gig down there. I must say Jump have always amazed me… how such a unique band with such a charismatic vocalist don’t play in front of many more people and do some decent festival supports I don’t know… there are some bands (who I won’t name) who seem to get all the festival slots and actually… don’t deserve them.

Finally, Manning has a new drummer as you probably know – the incredibly young Conor – who looks like you want to ID him to serve him beer, and yet drums like he’s been doing it for years. I’m sure he’ll fit into the band very soon… Tim, after all, only joined late last year and is already taking root (although the drum stool incident probably broke some of those roots).

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