The Twelfth Night of Eurovision

How the hell do you combine two titles?


Anyway… first onto Twelfth Night at the Montgomery Hall (a CRS gig). Yeah, it was OK – what I saw – but the sound was dreadful. The mix was all middley, and vocals were poorly defined. I didn’t linger for too long as my poor ears are still suffering slightly from RoSfest (planes… damn pressure changes) and the tail end of the infection from last year which is still rearing it’s ugly head from time to time.


Meanwhile… just HOW did that guitarist get into his leather trousers, and more to the point… did we REALLY need to see the outline of his winkie?

No, really. No. Please – go for something looser fitting next time. It’s embarrassing.

Onto Eurovision. I love watching the voting on Eurovision. I don’t watch the songs because they’re detritus – but it’s amusing to see how the politics and tactical voting is going, and to see Greece and Cyprus give each other 12 points – oh what would we do without that annual event?

Germany won with a rather forgettable pop number, but at least Spain got a stage invasion (highlight of the evening I’m sure).

David Schneider said Germany etc have had to bail out the Greek entry to the tune of 350 notes
Jonerlanc said why isn’t vatican city performing? i hear the pope does a cracking rendition of ‘danny boy’
At least we take it as a massive joke and don’t actually use it as a judgement of our music, and coming last place it seems the rest of Europe thinks Pete Waterman’s songs are shit. At least we can agree on something.

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