Please, admit your waist size.

It’s a known fact that a whole three quarters of British men buy the wrong size trousers.

It’s also a fact that British clothing retailers also stock the sizes people buy – after all, it’s poor sense not to.
As an observant person, I observe, and sometimes I shudder at what people do because they don’t want to stick their hand up and say “yes I’ve put on weight” like our rather stock photo type guy at right.
I’m not small, I admit I have a belly, but I’m also rather well built and have trouble getting “my size” of jeans over my thighs. Yeah, I should have been a rugby player – and indeed at School was rather better than you’d imagine at the game. I am usually in the loose category of 38″-40″ waist (occasionally 42″ but that’s if the sizes are teeny – Burtons… take note) and in leather jeans – I just try them on as most sizing is “yeah, we think it’s a 38″ so we’ll put a 34” tag on there.
Today, though, I saw something that made me feel nauseous… big guy, low waistline, a size too small. I won’t go into too much depth, but I imagine you are retching too… the fact he had his shirt tucked in just made it look like a chefs hat full of fruit wrapped up with an elastic band. Not good.
… so, can we, the writer and readers of this blog make a vow to admit to ourselves that we are a bit porkier than we’d like to admit, and either shrink back into our 34″ waist trousers or but the right bloody size?

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