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I love blogger.

I used to blog on Livejournal, but that went crap… you couldn’t customise your layout enough, and they reduced what free users could do.
I tried tumblr, but all the blogs looked the same, and you couldn’t edit the raw HTML of the post in the same way.
I’ve been on blogger now for a few years – and I also like it’s policies… you can say what you like and you’re not moderated (much). You’re not answerable to some administrator who threatens to delete your blog if you say something they don’t like… and you self moderate.
The problem is – when you get a twat on your blog it’s very difficult to delete them – as I recently had on the Manning blog (also run through my Blogger account)… why they seem to think we need links to Thai Prostitutes is beyond me… ? – and why they think it’s relevant to an article about Volcanic Ash is even more beyond me (unless of course the ash forced our plane to divert via Thailand and we felt like getting a cheap shag from some AIDS riddled Syphilitic crack whore… (who happens to look slightly more appealing than the stereotypical English bad prossie).
Anyhow, I went through, deleted loads, and turned on Captcha to hopefully stop their robot doing it again – it seems to have worked on my blog so far…

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