Mobile Phones… a lesson to learn

Today I had to pop into the Orange shop. My HTC Diamond has a little charging problem (the USB port is working loose and it’s going erratic). Apparently, I may end up with a different phone as they no longer have Diamonds in stock.

Anyway, whilst I was in there I overheard a conversation I’ve heard on numerous occasions…
Woman: “I was just using it and the screen cracked… then it went all the way down and went multi coloured”

Orange Staff Member: “Is it insured?”
Woman: “No, but I didn’t drop it. It’s never been dropped”
Me (under my breath – coughed): “Bollocks”
It seems every time I have to go into a mobile phone shop, be it Carphone Warehouse (DO NOT USE – ABYSMAL), T-Mobile (not bad) or Orange (rather good actually) I hear someone in there explaining that their phone just “broke whilst I was using it”.
C’mon, idiots – it’s a thing you carry with you at all times. It gets thrown in bags, pockets, sat on, squashed, left on the kitchen side, possibly accidently run through the washing machine, thrown on the seat in the car… it’s bound to get some abuse.
LCD Screens don’t just break. You have to put some serious pressure on them to get that almighty crack and liquid crystal rainbow… I know, I’ve broke a few on my work phones due to the really serious abuse they get – but then I’ve always insured my devices.
You tie yourself up to a 2 year £30 a month contract for that latest shiny smartphone then won’t spend the extra £6 a month for all inclusive cover.
It’s not that the human race is thick… but I do despair that a large percentage show less intelligence than they have.
On a slightly lighter note… I’m sat on Brightside Lane in Sheffield watching the automatic 30 sign flash every time a car goes past… yep… you guessed it… I’m in a white van, my camera is with me… and 2 flashes in a row from my camera as speeders go past is causing me great amusement!

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