Happy Midsummer people of the internet!

Now a little update on what has happened to me since my last blog, after all, it has been a major chaotic week!

Well you heard about the court case (guy faking certificates gets caught and imprisoned) but now for my other stuff…

On Friday I was electrocuted due to someone else’s idiocy, I mean, who wires a ring main to 2 circuit breakers? Seriously?

but the big event was Saturday – as the photo shows. Whilst driving along Wash Lane, the Dalton end, I was tailgated very closely by an idiot in a Corsa. Even though my car (MX5) was more powerful, I thought I would rather not have this prick behind me and so slowed down to give him easy chance of overtaking as soon as the central barrier ended. He did overtake me – dangerously – making a driver coming the other way swerve.

At that point I noticed the police cars bearing down on me with great speed. I pulled over… obviously, Corsa boy was a wanted man and I wasn’t going to get in the way of them catching him.

I then continued along Wash Lane to where it becomes Aldwarke Road – only to find a police car blocking the road totally – the officer inside had just pulled up and was getting out to close the road. He then flagged me and the car in front (a yellow Fiat Stilo) into the side, asked us to wait a few minutes, and proceeded to put a road closed and accident sign out behind our cars.

It turned out idiot boy had cut the corner on the bend under the twin bridges near the Station Hotel and hit another vehicle head on. Apparently, we were the last two witnesses who could say what his driving was like immediately before the incident as the video car hadn’t caught it on tape having lost ground on the car just before it happened.

I still haven’t heard of the conditions of the other people in the blue Fiat the idiot hit, but the paramedic did reassure us that their injuries weren’t life threatening. I’m now watching with bated breath as the local papers come out – I sent this picture in to the Advertiser.

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