5 reasons to buy a Nintendo DSi

At first the DSi didn’t excite me in any way. I had a DS and I was happy with it, but I then saw something that made me realise the DSi was for me…

1: The Cameras – 0.3 megapixel (read VGA). They’re OK, I suppose, but the included photography and gallery software is really good and some of the effects are worth it alone.

2: MP3 playing – a load of old bollocks… the DSi cannot play MP3’s BUT… it can play M4A files which are readily downloaded from itunes, and you can convert your MP3’s into M4A’s rather quickly using Sound Convertor (available from the Ubuntu Software Centre).

3: DSiWare – there’s a lot of crap, but I must say STARSHIP PATROL is the most awesome game ever!

4: A Browser – don’t expect too much and it will deliver. It’s better to browse the mobile version of sites, although it can cope with bigger sites. No flash though, but then again neither has the ipad!

5: Flipnotes – Animated flipbooks… a great time killer – and with Flipnote Hatena for sharing them it’s superb. Some DSi owners are really creative too!

Yup. Get a DSi. They’re good… or even wait for the 3DS (although I will probably keep my DSi too).

—— take that… SONY!

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