My life over the last few weeks has taken some strange twists and turns… mostly becoming so busy that blogging has been a low priority.

I’ve been to Cumbria, I’ve been to Herefordshire, and I’ve had some time away. We’re now in the middle of decorating the hall, stairs and landing including some lovely new balustrading and a full new banister (nice wood one, not painted) and a new door knocked through where we used to have a wall. Our house will soon be a three bedroomed house again (like it always should have been) and the old dressing room door will be closed up shortly.

Meanwhile, I’ve also really been busy with Manning – not just rehearsing, but doing the centre page artwork for Charlestown – a photo montage from RoSfest and other stuff. Sadly the photo of me is not from RoSfest as I don’t like any of the close ups of me from the event…

Now, on to the future.

Well in a fortnight we play Bilston supporting Crimson Sky. It was originally to be our gig, but then stuff happened which meant we would be a rather important member down for a few weeks so we had to postpone… but then I had the idea of a few of the remaining members of the band doing an Akoustik support – so an Akoustik support you’re getting.

In three weeks we have been invited to play a short acoustic set for the CRS at the Montgomery Hall on their Alzheimer’s charity support evening. Whilst the above issue prevents us playing as a large line-up, we will still probably be fielding 4 or 5 members for this. I’m rather looking forward to both events.

Finally… Charlestown.

I’m a lucky bugger – I’m listening to the master right now, and I must say – even though I could be seen as biased – it’s sounding incredible. The mix is spot on, even for such an incredibly long and complex piece. You guys out there will lap it up I’m sure.

Now I’m about done for today, and I should be around t’internet more from this point onwards as I watch the last few weeks of hard work finally come to completion.

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