The 80’s. Remember the 80’s.

80’s Litter
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I love being in buildings that for a number of years have existed in one state, and are being converted to another state.

The place I am working in at the moment is one such example.

Previously a corridor existed, a narrow corridor, with a room set at an angle at each end. When we looked at the plans we found that it was actually a corridor fitted across a room, in fact, closing off another two rooms!

The walls to the corridor were knocked out revealing what turned out to be a 12′ by 14′ room, with a door off to one side into a room full of files (which already had another entrance in another part of the building). Inside the walls, however, we found a treasure trove. Obviously the old room hadn’t been too well cleaned before the walls had been put up in the mid 80’s, and as a result we found some rather quaint litter.

The best before dates on most of these were between 1986 and 1988 although one nik naks packet did have 1990 on it.

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