Of poorly cats.

Eve has ended up rather the worse for wear after what we suspect is an attack by one of the tom cats which have been stalking her during her interesting time of the month.

At the moment she is walking around very dazed and confused because she has a left eye abscess which is causing her to have poor vision. Apparently, cats don’t do very well on one eye. She tends to walk into corners, and bump into things. It’s really sad to see her this way, but she does seem to be improving and is now able to walk in a straight line.

On other things, the Manningmobile is virtually ready now, apart from the purchase of a power inverter which I hope to do this Wednesday when I can get over to the stockists. The speakers and lights all work (and I am NEVER taking that roof lining down ever again!).

The final job is to carpet the interior of the split panel, and then to find some table legs for the mid seat table… that final bit is proving VERY difficult!

Manning are spawning the Acoustic line-up again, and hope to do some gigs very soon – after all, have you ever tried getting an 8 piece band all free, all together, and all able to commit to a gig? – it’s not easy!

Finally… the gig at The Venue in Stocksbridge, cancelled due to snow. This might well increase in size slightly and become more of a festival… I told you I wanted to run a festival again!

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Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

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