Update on Eve

Just a quick post before I head off to the vets with Eve.

She’s a lot better – the eye is now open most of the time and today she’s had her first wander around. She’s getting that “cocky” gait back in her movement and hopefully before too long will be 100%

I, however, am currently suffering with a somewhat sore shoulder. I don’t know how it happened, but it started yesterday morning and just got worse and worse as the day progressed. Today, it feels much better and I will see how it fares whilst I do some work.

Finally – the Manning Mobile is virtually ready for return! – The 240V AC power system is now installed and working, although I still need to fix the socket in properly as it is currently loose. The radio aerial is now sorted too – a £5 adaptor saw to that (damn French vans and their weird non ISO aerials!)… I found the table legs too – shame is they’re £18 a side!!! – might have to run that one by Guy before I leap in and buy them, but they will work perfectly for the van and I should be able to get a removable table sorted then without too much fuss.

Sadly, I can’t fix the table to the side wall as the GRP interior walls have no structure to them so if I did try it would just break away and fall off within hours. I could butcher the entire window surround, but that would just make it all look messy. I might well fit a flat surface with cup holders under the window sometime in future (I’ve worked GRP before… it’s not that difficult as long as your support structure is up to scratch). Colour matching would be an issue however…

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