Alton Towers Day

So, the park was amazing! I did 14,000 steps in one day!

Wicker Man is incredible. Very fast, very rough, but intense.

It looked good in the rainy weather, especially as the visibly was bad.

I also went on the Spinball, Galactica, Thirt13n, and Rita. Four coasters I’ve never been on before – which tells you how long ago it was since I went.

My old favourites Nemesis and Oblivion are still great, although Nemesis is getting a little rough nowadays.

The Smiler never opened all day. I wonder if it’s because it’s Friday 13th?

It was a great day though.

Alton Towers

So it’s the first day of our big Alton Towers trip that mum bought us for Christmas. Hannah’s not been looking forward to it at all. It’s not her thing.

We’re staying in splash landings hotel. The room is… Interesting…

To be fair if I’d been 8 years old I’d have loved it!

The main bed is quite small – feels like a three quarter to me.

Bunk beds. Hannah’s going to sleep on one of these I think.

It’s worrying that there’s a bottle in the carpet pattern though…

My chosen wear for tonight’s tea? Leather!

I’m actually struggling with my clothing now. I’ve lost so much weight and bulk that my leathers are really loose on my legs and I’m going to have to review my sizes very soon.