Why I wear leather

Following on from one of my online friends, Rock in Rubber I thought I’d do a little about my leather wearing history (nothing about latex yet… But keep following me and we’ll get to that).

All though my childhood I’d always liked the look of leather. My school disco era was a time when the New Romantics were around and I used to see bands like Duran Duran, Aha, Spandau Ballet, Depeche Mode all wearing leather in various guises. I had jackets and coats in the 80’s but always wanted a pair of trousers!

I started work, started earning my own money, but I’d never really known where to buy leather trousers from – for men anyway.

It wasn’t until the mid 90’s when I was at Laser Quest when a guy was in a game with me. He had leather jeans and leather “denim style” jacket on. I couldn’t believe it! I though leather was a thing of the past…

I must have sounded really creepy but I asked him where he got them from. It turned out they were from a local large shopping centre, and the shop was open until 10 o’clock!

I went straight down there, found the shop (Street Leathers) and found the leather trousers in question! I tried them on. The fit was amazing! I bought them there and then… and later realised I’d paid almost £100 over the odds – but I had leather trousers.

I sneaked them into the house (I still lived with my parents at the time) and didn’t wear them out for a few months… They stayed hidden away!

My first outing in them was to an open university summer school. I took them with me and when I was there, on neutral territory, I wore them out to the student union bar one night. They felt amazing and I felt good. I was hooked!

A couple of years later (1998) my life changed very markedly, and leather transitioned itself into my wardrobe on a regular basis.

I’d always liked rock and metal music, hence the name of my site! But I’d only dabbled in my instrument – Bass Guitar. I had spent a couple of years in a pop band (as was the scene at the time), but when that split up in 1998, my musical interests turned elsewhere.

I was also at that time aiming to get my motorbike licence as I had plans to bike to Cornwall for the total solar eclipse in 1999.

Late 1998 came, and I was called out of the blue by the drummer of a rock band. I was auditioned, got the job, and I started gigging not long after. It was an excuse to buy and own more leather!

1999 came. I passed my bike test on a cold January afternoon, and my leather owning and wearing went into overdrive!

My CB600F Hornet. My summer biking gear usually consisted of jeans and a paddock jacket.

My leather jeans transitioned from stage wear, to regular clothes. I was wearing them out and about, and people became used to me in various amounts of leather.

It was shortly after this when I first met my future wife to be… But that’s a whole different story of fights, swords, and archery.

Anyhow, here’s some of the first photos of me in full leather – I had much longer hair back then…

My Honda CB600F Hornet and my usual leathers. They are black and very well waxed as I wore them through the winter biking season.

I still wear leather to this day. There’s something ego boosting for me about wearing it, whether it’s just a basic pair of jeans or a full three piece suit. I also transitioned into latex and PVC but the basic leathers are what still come out on a weekend when I go out shopping, or even on nights out!

Modern day. I’ll often wear leather jeans with an Oxford shirt.

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