What’s it like to wear latex?

Since I’ve posted a couple of latex images on my public Instagram I’ve been asked about what it’s like to wear latex.

Latex is a true material of contrasts. When you first order latex clothes and tear open the envelope you notice two things.

1. They’re heavier than you think

2. They’re not shiny.

Unless you artificially shine latex up it’s very dull and quite powdery.

A little effort though and it shines like you wouldn’t believe.

Personally my favoured method is to use a product called Vivishine to give it that initial all over shine, but then to maintain the shine through the night you will need the occasional spray top up so I use a silicon oil based spray in a small bottle.

As for wearing, well the first thing to note is that it’s cold and quite clammy to wear. Depending on how shiny you have it, it can also be slimy to the touch, but it is very smooth and extremely touchable.

Anotherthing you notice is you need a bag or locker to carry/store your phone, keys and wallet. Pockets on latex are usable, but decorative art best. Anything you put in them ends up all oily which means if you take photos with your phone during the night it’s important to make sure you have a way to clean your lens.It’s also very important to remember that if you catch latex on anything sharp it will rip very badly, although it is repairable (not quite so if it’s chlorinated).


I often wear latex jeans with an Oxford shirt because that way you gain a single pocket. It’s handy especially where your phone has a six and a half inch screens for shoes/boots; I often wear patent leather shoes for a similar shine, although the shirt above matches my new rocks in colour perfectly. If wearing new rocks with latex though, remember to always put sellotape over the buckles that are up inside the jeans. If they catch from the inside they will put small holes in the rubber.

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