Leather to a wedding?

I was asked a few days ago if, should the right time and place arise, would I wear leather to a wedding?

Well I can tell you, it’s arisen thrice already! Well twice… The third involved latex!

Both events were in 2009, the first I wore leather jeans with a leather jacket…

Adam, a friend, was fascinated…

The second was a wedding up in the Northeast. This time it was rather nice pleated front leather trousers and a waistcoat… No jacket though.

I also had my sunset coloured Mohican at the time. Nobody messes with you when you’re over 6′ and have a Mohican!

The third event was in 2015… This the the latex jeans came out. Andy thought they were… Strange. But then I’m strange, so nothing new there.

So in answer to the question, of course I’d wear leather to a wedding… Or latex.

Perhaps next time I wear leather to a wedding I’ll go for a three piece… Hmm…

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11 thoughts on “Leather to a wedding?

  1. I don’t do weddings, but at the same time, there is not many places I haven’t worn leather/latex. Come to think of it, I have been to more funerals than weddings. I have loved leather gear since owning my first leather jacket as a kid and then my lovely Mum getting me a GAP leather suit (remember “Everyone In Leather”? I begged my Mum and at age 15, the only kid in school who had any balls to be different. Later latex and that is what I will be buried in. Latex bomber jacket, latex jeans, patent leather DM’s.
    So, in short, yes, I would wear leather to a wedding and, should my stance on me getting married to the right man ever change (I’ve always said I would never marry) then, I would marry him in leather. Do ROB make tailor made leather suits lol? After 4 years of being single and saying “men, what are they good for?” after getting rid of the last waste of space, getting a guy is easy when wearing leather or latex, finding the right hunk is the difficult part.

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    1. I got married in pvc jeans, and I fully intend to wear my three piece suit to a wedding sometime soon, although perhaps I’ll skip wearing the shirt as well. Not because it’s too much later, but because I’m hotter than the sun’s nipples in it!


      1. Understood. I am quite lucky there and don’t sweat that much so I have to say, it would be all or nothing!
        Gibraltar is a tax haven and my ex (he didn’t wear gear but it is what he fell in love with when he first met me and always loved me in it, especially in the casual arena: Shopping etc) He brought me 2 outfits over there (I wished they still fit lol) a full leather suit I.E. blazer etc and a PVC one. He asked if I would wear the PVC one home and my claim to fame will always be waiting in the duty free queue of the airport with the pilot behind me which I know was ours (very few airlines fly to Gibraltar so I knew he was the B.A. Pilot) and he started chatting me up there and then much to the frustration of Charlie lol. What could I do? I couldn’t be rude as he was doing nothing but complimenting as I am sure you are aware, there is nothing more of an ice breaker in the smokers corner (if you smoke of course) or even someone that has nothing to do with the party you’re with, always want to ask questions or comment or, with latex, want to touch it. Charlie knew this but I think his domain had been stepped on by someone he felt was a threat lol. TBF, he was a pilot, I would’ve let him take me up the aisle if he asked nicely. lol.


      2. I’ve occasionally worn leather or pvc in public for dramatic effect and to be different. I wore leather on a flight to Northern Ireland once and even just leather got me a little attention.

        My full leather suit isn’t a suit as such, it’s actually all assembled from different manufacturers, but I chose a similar grade of leather for all items (very soft and buttery) so it feels like a really nice suit. The trousers are proper dress style (I don’t like jeans with a suit) and so they also look the part.


      3. Anneline or nappa leather I think looks best. It has that perfect shine to it. I understand why it would be different manufacturers. I wish there was a site as simple as putting tesco.com and BAM, there’s a site with all forms of men’s leather outfits. I know there are some sites with the usual shirts etc, but outside the box a little.

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      4. Yeah you really have to research to get a proper suit. Too many people wear jeans with a shirt, or go for Western style waistcoats which don’t look formal enough. That was my biggest challenge but I like to think I was successful.


  2. Well, if my view is worth anything, I think it looks cool and I have pretty high standards with leather and latex. I don’t mind pointing out that people should wear whatever the hell they want but at the same time, that also means pointing out if you can pull leather etc off. Not everyone can, you sir, can. Like I say, for what it’s worth lol. If nothing else, you are making me think whether or not I should just purchase a new one for the fun of it as I haven’t had a proper leather blazer jacket, jeans etc since the one my B/F got in Gibraltar, so maybe it’s time once again!


    1. I wish half the people on Instagram would say the same. I see some truly hideous leather worn on there. Most of the time it is simply people who will not admit to themselves that they aren’t a 34″ waist anymore.


  3. Agreed.
    Whilst I remember, have you got a specific date or what era we’re talking about (Chris Evans/Johnny Vaughn) for the Big Breakfast that I can look up on YouTube for this guy in blue leather/PVC?


      1. Oh you swine. How did I forget him? He was attractive in a weird kind of way. I was about 9 years old when he was around. He did a Disney show (either Saturday Disney or The Disney Club, I believe it was the latter). I shall have a look on the YouTube archive, see what I can pull out.


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