BMI normal.

Whilst I don’t actually trust BMI as a way of indicating health, I do understand that it can be used carefully as a guide.

Today I weighed myself and at 86.8kg I now fit within the weight range of normal (although I’m still at the top end of the range).

I’m now fitting into 36″ waist trousers, including these rather amazing leather ones which look rather stunning if slightly dapper mixed in with this beautiful waistcoat.

…although this would be more my general office wear.

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5 thoughts on “BMI normal.

  1. Congratulations, mate! I started gaining weight when I finished university in 2014 and stayed home for two years. I’m trying to keep it off and get back to my old shape but I find it very hard thanks to stress, anxiety and depression. I started working in 2016 and gained more weight since. What would you recommend that I do? I know for a fact that you’re a vegetarian. Aside from fruits and vegetables, what foods would you recommend? Do you hit the gym or exercise daily? This post actually inspired me to start caring again and I appreciate it a lot.


    1. Depression etc. is never good where weight loss is concerned as a lot of people tend to anxiety eat and find it difficult to lose weight. I find low fat, bulky foods help satisfy the cravings. If you’re feeling peckish instead of getting a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps try something like rice cakes or snack-a-jacks. Avoid diet drinks as they actually make you feel hungrier – if you crave a Coke go full sugar but only have a little bit. The 150ml cans you can buy are great for satisfying the craving.

      Chocolate really is a no-no as it is so high in fats, as are crisps. Look at the fat balance for each meal you’re going to eat and keep it as low as possible. You’ll be amazed how much you can avoid just by switching one item!

      Finally, if you are actually clinically obese you can try Ally tablets. I started on those (although mine were prescribed for a different reason) and they stop your body digesting quite as much of the fats you eat. They are expensive, and they aren’t a solution but they do help. I had 2 courses of Ally but I’m off them now.

      Finally, have a good achievable goal. Mine is a pair of leather trousers I wore last when I was in my early 20’s and I’ve kept them ever since. I finally got into them properly yesterday and managed to do up the button! They’re still a little snug but I’ll get there.


      1. I’ll keep all of these in mind. I actually have four pairs of leather pants that can’t fit anymore. I need to start using them as a starting point. Thank you so much for your help!

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      2. I’m interested to know as well if you go to the gym or exercise. If so, is it every day? I tried having a routine but it just didn’t stick.


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