Seems like a good day for this.

Leather suited, but no jacket. The slightly cooler temperature in my office helped.

I rather think it works with the yellow tie.

Published by Kris

Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

4 thoughts on “Seems like a good day for this.

  1. I hope to one day have the courage to wear something as cool as this. Europe seems to be more open-minded. I’ve always wanted to move there!


  2. Read my blog! It’s a big process but once you overcome the anxiety and realise that nobody actually really cares it’s quite easy.


    1. Yes, that was a good read. I actually share a similar story, except I started liking leather at age 5 because I saw a blonde woman in a karaoke video—those were popular in the ’90s—modeling with her brown leather coat on. There was something about it I couldn’t explain at the time, but I knew I was hooked. Then, I started seeing them in movies, where good and bad guys were wearing full leather outfits, including pants, and they were all badass.

      But mostly, the interest stayed because my favorite musicians kept wearing leather pants and I never stopped wanting one since. I have a few of them now, including brown.


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