I love Bones, but I hate it!

One of my favourite TV shows is Bones.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it is an American drama based in a forensic lab at the Jeffersonian loosely based around the lives Temperance Brennan and her FBI partner Seeley Booth; along with the various group surrounding cast (Camille, Angela, Hodgens, Sweets, plus various interns).

It was quite unique in that for it’s entire 12 season run it kept pretty much the same cast.

The plot is different each week, telling of a body find; then the Jeffersonian team assisted by Booth and the FBI try and figure out what happened to the poor victim using Forensic Anthropology, Pathology, Entomology and various other scientific fields; however major story arcs run from season to season (sometimes many arcs at once) and various characters and serial killers reappear in various seasons (Pelant, The Gravedigger being just two examples).

So what do I hate about it?

Three things I hate about Bones…

Dr Bunsen Jude – The Body in the Bounty is possibly the worst character in the entire 12 season run. He is over the top, camp, irritating, over acting, and to be perfectly honest he makes me want to punch the screen through. He is supposed to be a Children’s TV presenter, but all the way through he is acting as if he is in character which quickly grows very thin and just increases my stabbyness.

Sammy Mills – for a different reason this one makes me hate the episode rather than Sammy. She is an intern who only ever appeared once. She’s overweight, and ergo, must be hideously clumsy and stupid. Of course, all the other interns are normal weight and thus must be smart and brilliant. As someone who has been quite badly overweight I find this annoying and patronising. I can’t actually watch this episode for this reason alone.

The Finder – An episode. Not a person. Why on earth when I buy 12 seasons of Bones on Google Play Movies do I get a “non Bones” epsiode right in the middle? Because Fox thought it would be great to advertise their new series to the Bones viewers. It failed. The Finder tanked and disappeared. I watched that episode once and thought it was pretty piss poor.

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