Bank holidays seem to have this strange ability to become two gig weekends, this was no exception.

Saturday was Ingoldmells – a tediously long drive out there, followed by a rather questionable gig, followed by a tedious drive home and a 3am bedtime. The weather was beautiful though, we sat outside until after 7!

The stage backdrop was rather cool.

A rather beautiful moon graced the sky.

Sadly, the respect we received wasn’t good. Firstly we were told to arrive by 6, and yet we weren’t allowed to set up until after the football had finished on the main stage screen.

Then, setting up behind the children’s entertainment was not entirely safe.
Finally, not being allowed to soundcheck until 15 minutes before stage time wasn’t professional. It was terrible for health and safety, and very unprofessional to expect this. A venue shouldn’t really be booking bands if they don’t understand what it entails to actually have a band onstage, and they certainly shouldn’t be asking us to turn up as early when we can’t actually load in!

I didn’t enjoy the gig. At all. Not one bit.

As a saving grace though, the food was actually rather good!

Sunday on the other hand was a total flip. A great club, well thought out, decent staff, easy load, and customers who dance!

The journey up was fuelled by coffee. A big coffee. It was a ridiculously late arrivve home last night though…

We loaded in – this club was rebuilt a few years ago after the previous one was damaged by fire and so the entire place was designed with a band in mind. The stage is a good size (if perhaps a little shallow), and it looked great lit by a star cloth.

They danced, which was good, and they definitely enjoyed us.

A much better experience which totally undid all the bad feeling from the night before.

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