I need to do this again!

It’s almost a week since I was last at Corp and I enjoyed it so much I feel like going again. Perhaps not wearing the PVC suit though, although it was extremely awesome and definitely a talking point.

Be Yourself

Life is too short and too precious to not enjoy; even if the alternative is the norm. Losing my Dad when he was 69 (I was 40) and my Brother when he was 45 (I was 43) made me very aware of that. I’m now older than my brother was when he died. I’ve outlivedContinue reading “Be Yourself”

Yes, I’m something else.

Last night the PVC suit got it’s full public airing, first at the Devonshire Cat and then at Corporation. The responses to it were amazing. Loads of people wanted to talk to me about it, and quite a few people tried the jacket on.

I’m something else

“You’re something else” was a comment made on an Instagram post when I shared a photo of my newest suit. Why? You ask… Well this is what I went to Corporation in last night. It’s PVC and it came from ASOS. Yes. ASOS. Mainstream clothing shops are now selling PVC! It was a great nightContinue reading “I’m something else”