The day after

So the dentist’s visit went well. My dentist (who it has to be said is the best dentist I’ve ever had) put some local anaesthetic in my gum, then after sending me to the waiting room for 10 minutes whilst the anaesthetic took called me back in.

He drilled a hole in the back of the tooth where nobody would see it and relieved the pressure on the abscess (it was a squirter!). He then packed the hole with medicine and wadding, before applying a dressing to plug the hole.

The relief was immediate and although it still throbbed for most of the afternoon and evening I could feel the pain subsiding with every hour that passed.

This morning the pain is all but gone although if I tap the tooth I still get a buzz of pain to remind me that it’s still an infected tooth.

In a couple of weeks I’m having it opened up again and the dead root will be removed and filled. I’ve been advised that I might need a veneer or whitening in the long run as incisors have a tendency to darken once they’re dead and sadly neither treatment is available on the NHS as the NHS provides only essential care and not cosmetic care, which to be honest I agree with as a policy.

After all, the NHS is skint! I’d rather the remaining money be used to keep people out of pain or alive rather than looking pretty.

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