Watches and parties!

A random discussion I’m sure you’ll agree, but yesterday I saw that the Rotherham branch of CeX had a Samsung Watch in stock.

I’ve had a Huawei Watch 2 for a few months now I’d been little dissatisfied. I bought that from the Barnsley branch of CeX and it was not in great condition when I bought it, but the biggest problem was the Android Wear platform.

Whilst I love Android, I think Google have really not put much effort into Android Wear. It’s laggy and very half baked. The Watch 2 really demonstrated this to me – I sometimes spent a few seconds looking at a black screen whilst an app loaded, often wondering if the screen had actually turned off and I needed to press one of the buttons again.

I missed the rotating bezel of my Galaxy Gear S2 – indeed I still often chose the S2 over the Watch 2 just because it felt more developed and professional.
I decided to take the plunge therefore, gathered together a few bits and pieces and headed down there with the goal of coming away with the Galaxy Watch.

After finding my stuff on their system and giving me what I considered to be a decent price I decided to go for it. It would cost me just over £20 for the upgrade – and yes I know I paid £279 for the watch, which is the retail price, but it is actually new. It still had the plastic protection all over the sides and front! I can only presume someone had got the free one with the phone deal earlier this year and not wanted the watch.

The test time was 2 hours, so I went and did a few other bits before heading back and finalising the deal.

Last night was also the mince pies event. It happens every year at a friend’s house and has become the “it’s Christmas” starting gun for us these days.

Whilst I was out earlier I collected my PVC suit from work, as well as my sprout shirt – but then I chickened out at the last minute and just went with the sprout shirt.

It has to be said that’s a very tasteless shirt!
The event itself is quite a laid back affair, although we did Skype with people not in the country anymore (some in Spain, one in the USA).
As a final note – Budweiser Prohibition is actually really nice!


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