Why Nomen Loony?

If you’ve been following me for a long time you’ll know that my blog hasn’t always been called nomenloony.com – it was moretrifl.es for quite a while (growing up with trifles, moretrifles and various dessert based names), mainly because I grew up near a speciality dessert factory and every single gathering, party etc was alwaysContinue reading “Why Nomen Loony?”

Minecraft newest house update

So I restarted my server. The old one wasn’t a very good map – we were stuck on an island and resources were scarce. This new one, or Ivybridge as we’re calling it, is much better. Extreme hills nearby, plenty of gold and diamonds, a few ship wrecks, and a spawner right under my houseContinue reading “Minecraft newest house update”

Burns Night at the RS Bar

Last night was my first gig of 2019. Ethryll had been asked to play Burns Night just before Christmas. It started as a bit of a disaster. Jake’s car was playing up so we had to pick him up from Warmsworth whilst his dad dealt with the AA. We finally made it to the RSContinue reading “Burns Night at the RS Bar”

Super Wolf Blood Moon

In the early hours of the morning we’ll be treated to a lunar eclipse. Probably above the clouds, where we can’t see it. As per usual, the papers are hyping it up because it’s a Perigee (close to Earth) moon. Wolf moon is just the old English name for the January moon. It’s apt though,Continue reading “Super Wolf Blood Moon”

Feeling pretty.

I feel great when I’ve had a beard trim and hair, but this week it’s particularly different because I’ve left it almost a month since my last trim so my beard was starting to get untidy. I seem to always use the barbers in Parkgate. It’s a place run by middle Eastern guys, mostly SyrianContinue reading “Feeling pretty.”

Strangefish Progress Report

We’ve got stuff starting to go green now, which means I know it well enough to consider myself able to play it live and not whole heartedly fuck it up! I have to say, Strangefish has had two pretty stonking bass players. It’s certainly a challenge and it makes me realise what an easy lifeContinue reading “Strangefish Progress Report”