Of Brexit

In 5 years time we are going to look at this coming few weeks with either our face in our palms and a huge sigh, or with fear that we did the right thing and we have to keep the racists and gammons at bay to prevent it ever happening again.

Sadly I think it will be the former. I’m increasingly worried that unless the Tories actually seize power from the clearly deluded Teresa May, we will crash out with no deal and rapturous applause from about 6 million people who truly don’t understand what Brexit is actually about.

Indeed, I had to correct one just last week when they said “we don’t want them Muslims coming over here”…

Clearly they don’t understand the religious demographic of Europe at all.

We’ll see… Judging by the age of my blog I’m sure I’ll still be here in 5 years to make a comment on this post.

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