Foul creature!

Today we were over on the east coast fitting a switch under a distribution board. The switch needs to be both clean, accessible and easy to operate and it needs to turn off the kitchen fuse board in one action.

Not too difficult a job; a couple of hours at most you’d think.
Well not with the “chef” at this place.
We arrived at about half past ten as originally booked. Started loading stuff into the kitchen, and were promptly told by the most foul woman I’ve ever dealt with in the stroppiest attitude ever that “we can’t start till she’s finished cooking dinner”.
Even though I’d planned to sheet over the area, and even though we planned on drilling just FIVE holes to carry out this task she was absolutely adamant.
Luckily, we could use the whole day for this job but because I’d originally booked for the morning only and other work was planned for the afternoon I decided to charge them for the full day and tell them exactly why I was doing this. No manager was available to mediate unfortunately.
At 12 when we “could start” according to the bitch, we commenced fitting the switch which we had prepared outside.
At about 20 past I turned the power off and she then complained that she couldn’t work in the dark because it wasn’t safe (light levels hardly dropped as it was a bright day and the kitchen had multiple large windows). Clearly the bitch just has an attitude problem.
I decided to go to the suppliers and get the parts for the next job to save me time later.
Apparently whilst I was gone the bitch told my wife “you can switch it off now” to which she replied “he’s gone to get parts for another job”.
In all, her strop has cost them £140. The owner knows about it, and he’s going to take action. I can only wonder what.
We did, however, go down to the sea for a paddle too!

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