Songwriting with the Fishes

Again, last night we had a songwriting session with Strangefish. The four instument players gathered at Paul’s and we spent a good few hours working on The Power of Good – a rather old idea which has been hanging around for years (before Fortune Telling I’m told).

Of course, first, we had to get Food; so Paul and I hunted around for a chippy (not a Kebab shop, there is a difference) so we could have a chip butty each (or a Barm as he kept insisting it was called – but I think that sounds like something that might bite you).

Eventually we located a chippy after the first one had a queue outside, the second looked well dodgy. The third was a charm. I suspect a 2* health rating door sign might have been hidden away somewhere in the depths of a dirty drawer, but actually, the food was rather good and the peas had the colour of a 1979 Vauxhall Chevette, which surprisingly, is actually a very good thing for mushy peas.

Whilst we had dinner I educated Paul into the fineries of Hendersons Relish, and explained why chips should swim in it. It can’t have been that unsuccessful a trip as the Hendos was left behind as a “souvenir” of my trip.

Dave and Bob arrived shortly and we worked on the new song – currently called “The Power of Good”. The idea has now developed and we have a rather nice thing building up now. Having listened back to the recording from last night I’m now really digging it.

We’re meeting again in a few weeks, after my hectic gig schedule calms down a little. Perhaps then the song will have taken on a little more structure?

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