You know all those years when you thought you had everything right, but something wasn’t quite?

Well I’ve had that for a while with tech – I try and carry a bare minimum with me at all times. Often, I’ll omit my wallet if I think Samsung Pay will cut the mustard, but there’s always been a small anxiety there, especially when spending a night away from home.
That anxiety is my Galaxy Watch.
Whilst the device is fantastic (especially as a 4G version with it’s always on capability meaning you can leave your phone behind for a short while – battery life is quite dismal on 4G!) charging it has always been a pain in the arse because it means carrying an extra cable and a dock.
Samsung, for some incredible reason which is only known to them, decided to make the dock Micro USB and not USB C. Plus the watch can’t charge from any ordinary wireless Qi charger, even though it is Qi apparently the coil is too small for a regular charger so it has to have a close proximity one.
Well now I have it sorted. The Note 10 has wireless powershare which WILL charge it, and with a right combination of my bracelet (USB C to USB A), phone and watch, plus my new wireless headphones (Galaxy Buds) I have everything one one cable.
My travelling keyboard, thankfully, runs on a single AAA battery – and those are easy to get and last for months in it.
It’s good because the Samsung can charge a Qi device whilst IT is being charged, thus I can do my watch and phone overnight at the same time without having to carry a charging pad around with me.
The charger I choose to use, by the way, is a Mu charger. Brilliant because it shrinks the humungous British plug into something that is pocketable.
As for power bricks, well I have a choice. From emergency bricks (my wallet has a 1.8AH battery built in) to huge weekend bricks (25AH is my biggest), I have that sorted.

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