My first ever latex event!

Whilst I’ve been to fetish events before (and, sorry, but I often find them a little too much of a meat market) last night I went to my first ever latex event.

Called “Shiny Happy People” and with a dress code of all outerwear must be latex it was an opportunity for me to give it a try.
Fully rubbered up in black jeans, t-shirt and waistcoat I headed down there at about 8 and met up with a friend who had got me the ticket.
Well the rules of most events are “what happens at the event stays at the event” but I can say that it was a very polite, very classy event. Everyone was in latex. There were very few displays of public behaviour, and it was essentially like being in the pub, except that everyone was in full rubber!
Now if the next event wasn’t 4th of April I’d have bought my ticket last night, but sadly that’s the Strangefish gig.
I’m awaiting photos of the event dropping onto fetlife now as there was a professional photographer there, but for now you’ll have to put up with the few selfies I took. There was a general camera restriction and the rules of these events are always “selfies must not include anyone else unless they give permission”.

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